Online Appointments and Test Results

  • Weston Creek Medical Practice, Canberra

We are pleased to have worked closely with AlphaDoc to develop an online portal that not just allows our patients to book and manage their appointments online, but also to check on their blood/Xray/Ultrasound test results. We become one of the first few medical practices in the whole of Australia and the first practice in Canberra to provide our clients with this facility.

AlphaDoc uses industry standard security technologies including TLS 1.2 encryption with ECDHE_RSA and AES_128_GCM achieving an A+ standard on the Qualys SSL Labs SSL test. AlphaDoc has also secured Comodo PCI DSS compliance pass. Although AlphaDoc doesn't deal with Credit Card or Banking information, the company has voluntarily sought to achieve PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) in order to reassure their clients of the high security standards it seeks to achieve and maintain. Communication with external servers are achieved using SSL Tunnels/VPNs.

AlphaDoc does not keep any clinical information on their servers, but any client information including name, phone numbers and even email addresses are kept encrypted in their resting state so that any potential security breach doesn't lead to leakage of any sensitive information. The app also uses two step authentication(or two factor authentication) for login which is especially required if the client wishes to turn on the Test Results Feature. One would find that the site's security protocols are even stronger than some of the banking sites.

Privacy by default

  • Weston Creek Medical Practice, Canberra

We and our IT partners, Syberra IT Consulting, continue to innovate to make the best use of technology to facilitate safer communication between ourselves and our clients, colleagues and other medical practices. Emails and documents sent to us from the Contact US page would be automatically, securely encrypted with our 4096bit RSA key at upload, thereby ensuring that the communication can be decrypted only by our practice team.

A key impediment in the use of encryption technology for secure communication, especially when it comes to healthcare, is the expense and complexity of setting up the system. Also, not all of us are IT savvy, and keeping up with fast changing technologies does not come easy for the average person. Hence, this effort to present an easy secure messaging solution on our site front-end.

We encourage other practices, who would be interested in setting up such a system for their websites, to get in touch with our IT partner, Syberra IT Consulting, as we believe that a wider uptake of secure messaging in healthcare is required in the interest of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the healthcare seeking general public.
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